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We Need Pictures for BLM Top OHV Areas Website!

Photo Provided by Anthony Carrino
We Need Pictures for BLM Top OHV Areas Website!

As a continuation of the strong existing partnership between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and NOHVCC, the two organizations have been working cooperatively to develop a website that features the best OHV recreation areas managed by the BLM.

NOHVCC worked with our State Partners to create a list of the best OHV areas managed by the BLM and to collect mapping data.  This information will be used to develop an interactive website designed to ensure that OHV enthusiasts will have all the information they need to identify BLM’s top riding areas and to plan their visit!  The website will have information about the individual areas including maps, pictures of the trails and trailhead facilities, and other relevant information.

NOHVCC and BLM need your assistance to complete this project!

Please share any high-quality photos that include trails and trailhead facilities (restrooms, kiosks, loading ramps, parking lots, etc.) from the BLM areas listed below – please be sure to identify which area your photos are from.  Photos should be sent to marc@nohvcc.orgat your earliest convenience. Thank you for your support of this outstanding project!

CA-Jawbone Canyon
CA-Johnson Valley
CO-Alpine Loop
CO-Bangs Canyon
CO-Flat Top-Peach Valley
CO-Grand Valley
CO-North Sand Hills
ID-Owyhee Front
NM-Aden Hills
NM-Glade Run
NM-Haystack Mountain
NM-Mescalaro Sands
NM-Red Sands
NM-Robledo Mountain
NV-Sand Mountain
UT-Swingarm City
UT-Whitewash Sand Dunes
WA-Juniper Dunes

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