San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

As most know by now this event started off with a deep blow to the off-road community with the passing of “Pistol” Pete Sohren in an unrelated accident that happen the day before the race. Pete loved racing in Baja and San Felipe was one of his favorites places to be. We carried on with our coverage of the Desert Mayhem race as he would’ve wanted. Race in Peace Pistol Pete Sohren!

The Peoples Race.

2019 San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

San Felipe is one of those places in Mexico that really embodies the vibe and culture of Baja. The malecon, the shrimp tacos, the music, the people who live there, the small town by the Sea of Cortez has everything you want to relax and take in some sun and cervesas. San Felipe also has some of the best terrain known to exist in off-road racing. Everyone knows the San Felipe 250 and the few other events that pass through the area but San Felipe has taken its future into its own hands when it comes to racing and started its own race, the San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175 (SFDM). 

2019 San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

Now in its third year, the SFDM has grown a bit since its first inception from 150 to 175 mile race. The two heat format is great as it keeps the limited class vehicles from tangling with the ultra fast unlimited trucks and buggies. The race course consisted of a combo of high speed ranch roads, miles whooped out cross grade trail, silt patches and sandy hinterland that is tough enough to test the best drivers. 

2019 San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

“The San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175 Off Road Race was an idea that was born after noticing a huge decline in tourism in the month of January, the eagerness to help local charities and our love for off road racing.” Explained Cesar Quirarte, spokesperson for the San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175 organizing committee. “When we shared the idea, more people came along and offered to help. The main goal for this inaugural race is tp promote tourism, help out local charities, and for all of us to be able to share our love for off-road racing. Our current organizing committee consists of Ledgar Osuna , Juan Gallo and myself Cesar Quirarte. We will be donating a percentage of the profits to the local charities such as our Fire Department, Red Cross, scholarship fund, local cancer walk, and Casa Digna (Single Mother home fund). 

2019 San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

Many racers from both Mexico and the U.S. come to enjoy the small town’s amenities and relaxed atmosphere as well as the competition side of the event. “We heard this race was a lot of fun.” Said Mark Mason driver of #4804 hammer truck. “We decided to come down and check it out, race and go fast. It’s a great event, it’s much more relaxed than a big SCORE race but you still get to run Baja, get the experience, no points, no stress, just a good time.” 

2019 San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

A good time is exactly what this event is. Easy on the pocket book with your entry only $475 which included four people on a team and your race tracker, the SFDM175 is all about a good time. “This is a race for the people!” Said Hall of Fame inductee Bob Ham who’s also a long time resident of San Felipe. “You can come here with your family and friends, race, have a good time and do it all on a friendly budget.” 

2019 San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

The SFDM is not only great to race but also very spectator friendly as all Baja races are. All around the course families and friends gathered to see the racers go by while enjoying a day in the sun on a winter day. 

2019 San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

“We’re looking at creating a championship series for the UTV’s, quads and motos from this.” Said Quirarte. “Starting with the Desert Mayhem race and then three more events with points for a championship.” 

2019 San Felipe Desert Mayhem 175

Class winners:

Clase MC Pro – Chris Phillips

Clase MC Nov – Victor Rangel

Clase ATV – Alejandro Bourge

Clase ATV Pro – Jose Luis Velez

Clase ATV Spts – JJ Nicoles

Clase 7s – Misael Cazares/Don James

Clase 11 – Cisco Bio

Clase 5/16 – Omar Iñiguez

Clase 1 – Brad Vic

Clase TTS – Rick Ceccanti

Clase TT – Armando Bravo

Clase 12 – Gustavo Piñueles

Clase 10 – Andrés Martinez

Clase 8 – 8161

Clase 29 – Buscaglia Enz

Clase 18 – Roberto Aguilar

Clase 1600 – Bruce Yee

Clase 5 – Armand Croft

Clase 7 – Francisco Ibarra

Clase HT – Mark Mason

Clase 14 – Jennifer Mortin

Clase 19 – Eyam Joyner/Diego Yee

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