Questions for the Kings! 2016 KoH

king of the hammersWe all have our opinions, we all have a view on who is going to do what at KoH but we decided to ask those who’s opinions really count about the 2016 Hammers; three Kings! Three little questions, What’s new? Who made the biggest step-up since last year? And what’s your prediction for a 1-2-3?

Loren Healy: The 2014 King has won just about everything he has entered in the last 11 1/2 months but victory eluded him at the big one last year. H

1. I did have a new solid axle car for KOH 2016, which is very similar to the car we won with in 2014 but the engine died so I am in the single-seat IFS car.

2. Cody Waggoner spent the most money, still yet to be seen if it was a step up or not. The Bomber car he had before was a pretty good Hammers car.

3. Loren Healy, Erik Miller, Derek West.

Shannon Campbell:
Mr KoH is as celebrity as they come o the Lakebed. One of only two 2-time winners Shannon endured a year of playing 2nd best to Healy but behind the wheel of his new Dragon Slayer he will be aiming to reverse that. It’s a tongue in cheek name but we’ll see if it lives up to it.

1. We’re here with a new car that we’ve only run once at the Nationals last year, so pretty much everything is new compared to last year.

2. I think the biggest step up is Levi Shirley. He had a solid finish at the Nationals and took the Championship. Most improved would be Bailey Campbell proving her solid axle car could compete with the best in the country. Who stepped up their game by buying a new Campbell built car would be Brian Caprerra. Then there’s Loren Healy who came out and won every west coast race. But every King of the Hammers is an all new game.

3. I really cant predict a finish order.


Erik Miller. Unique among the other Kings as the only driver from the East to take the hallowed scepter. Erik is fast, very fast, but has been robbed by small failures for the past couple of years. If his car holds together he will be in the hunt come Friday afternoon.

1. The last couple of years we’ve had steering issues which was caused by heat, so we re-designed how we cooled it. Now we have a heat exchanger to keep the oil that same temperature as the engine. We lost the steering pump when we were 30 miles from the end last year… and that would have been out second KoH win so that was a heart break I don’t want to repeat.
2. I think this year the King of the Hammers is more competitive that it has ever been. Everyone is getting better and learning their cars, so a few years ago you had maybe five drivers woho could win but now you have 25 or 30 that could be big threats if they have a good day.

3. Me, then Loren Healy, Shannon Campbell, Levi Shirley or Clay Gilstrap. They’re all good friends but once the flag falls they’re my rivals!


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