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Mexican Rally Championship Series 2019

Born from the passion of navigation rally-raid competitions in the spirit of off road racing in Mexico, a new championship rally racing series has emerged- and there is cash involved.

-3 Qualifying Rally Events in Mexico Selected for 2019
-Cash Prizes & Trophies for UTVs & Motorcycles
-First Points Awarded at Finish of Sonora Rally
-Brand New Series Will Add Up To 2 Additional Events in 2020 just announced a modest seed of cash starting at $5,000 USD($90,000MXN) that will grow into a sizable jackpot over the next 6 months and divided equally between2 well deserved winners. Using a simple table that assigns points for overall rankings of UTV and motorcycle finishers, the highest scoring racers after 3 designated rally-raid competitions* will be named the respective champions and divide the cash evenly. 2nd and 3rd place season finishers will earn trophies and have their names engraved on the Championship Trophy Cup. In total, 9 racers will be named on the trophy, including 3 co-drivers of the top UTV’s for the season.

Sonora Rally*, Road Runner Rally* and Baja Rally*have been selected as the only 3qualifying rally-raid events for 2019 with the OA rankings tallied to decide the winners at the end of the season. The 2019 Mexican Rally Champions will be announced at a special awards ceremony & presentation Saturday October 5th at the San Nicolas Hotel & Casino in Ensenada immediately following the finish of the BAJA RALLY 2019.

The initial cash prize is expected to increase into a sizable jackpot with sponsorship incentives to encourageand motivate off road athletes and teams training and preparing for international rally events as the popularity of UTV and motorcycle navigation rally competition explodes. The growth of rally-raid racing as an alternative to traditional off road UTV and motorcycle racing is credited in part to the relative safety and lower-impact of these multi-day competitions.

For dates, eligibility, rules, points table & restrictions visit
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*In 2019, The Championship is open to participants of 3 rally competitions in Mexico that are deemed to follow the standards of off road “road book” navigation competitions.The Mexican Rally Championship (Campeonato de Rally Mexicano) is neither endorsed nor authorized by any sanctioning body or race organization nor itself a sanctioning body, race organization or collective of bodies or organizations.


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