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BFG Team Rennsport Charges To Major Success at 2019 NORRA Mexican 1000

  SAN JOSE DEL CABO, (May 6, 2019) – The Baja peninsula is relatively quiet right now, with most of the NORRA race cars taking a well-earned ride back to their homes 1,000 or many more miles away.  That includes BFG Team Rennsport’s familiar #124 “Angelina” single-seater, now battle scarred and tired, but still carrying the team’s pride back to Long Beach, California.

Celebrating their 30th anniversary in the finest style possible, BFG Team Rennsport claimed an official second in class and eye-popping 20th overall at the 2019 NORRA Mexican 1000, a 1,254-mile marathon that weaved down the Baja from Ensenada to San Jose Del Cabo. The event concluded Friday night with a seaside awards ceremony that also awarded the team with the highly prestigious “Spencer Low Hard Charger Award” for their battle back from first day electrical and navigation gremlins.


BFG Team Rennsport driver Justin Blower powers the #124 Finishline-VW single-seater through a water crossing near San Javier mission outside of Loreto. Blower and Brian Coat’s outstanding runs in Day 3 and Day 4 of the Mexican 1000 was an important key to taking second place in the Vintage 4-cyl. Buggy category. (Photo credit: Brian Bink)
  After a difficult Day 1 for Marty Fiolka and Ron DeWolf, BFG Team Rennsport began their journey back to the top of the NORRA timing charts on Monday with steady driving efforts by Fiolka and Justin Blower, piloting the car from San Felipe to the remote overnight stop in Bay of Los Angeles. The following day was the longest of the competition as the the team made their move via a sparkling performance by Brian Coats from Bay of Los Angeles to San Ignacio, with Blower matching that with a near-perfect 208-mile run into last night’s stop on the Sea of Cortez in beautiful Loreto.
It was Blower’s perfect stint from Loreto to La Paz, a total of 292 combined Transit and Stage miles, that separated the team from much of the competition and really helped secure a solid performance.
Thursday’s final day of NORRA racing was a 160 mile run from La Paz to San Jose Del Cabo, with Fiolka keeping a competitive pace before DeWolf brought home the #124 car nicknamed Angelina. It was DeWolf’s first ever chance to drive across a finish line — a fact that only added to the team’s finish line celebration.
When the timing clocks stopped and all race penalties assessed, the BFG Team Rennsport crew posted second place in the NORRA Vintage 4-cylinder Buggy class behind NASCAR racer Casey Mears and Rory Chenowth — and an impressive 20th ranking in the overall standings.
Besides the drivers, the BFGoodrich Team Rennsport effort included massive support from crew chief Paul Perrizo and crew members Mike Perrizo, Rob Vegter, Jason Silvester, Robert Luher, Ray Teeter, Jay Bartole, Marty Gomez, Jeff Wilson and Mark Seiler — along with many family and friends.


 Celebrating 30 years since their founding in 1998, BFG Team Rennsport celebrates at the San Jose del Cabo NORRA finish line (top). On Friday night’s big NORRA awards dinner their performance also earned them the honor of receiving the first annual “Hard Charger Award” in memory of late veteran off-road legend Spencer Low. (Photo credits: Team Rennsport and the Low Family)
  On Saturday night’s massive South Point Seaside Awards celebration, it was announced the team’s performance had also earned them the inaugural “Hard Charger” trophy for moving from 157th position to 20th overall. It was created in memory of late veteran racing hero Spencer Low after his come from behind run in last year’s Mexican 1000. The trophy was handcrafted by his son Spencer Ryan Low, and was presented in a moving ceremony by Low and Cathy Low.

A cash prize of $2,250 was also included, thanks to the support of many familiar names in the off-road community, including: Palapa Boy Racing (the Dague Family), TCS (the Torque Converter Shop), Rusty’s Off-Road, Tri-Ace Tires, Fox’s Resort and the Spencer Low Family. The elder Low, whose off-road racing participation spanned five decades, passed away earlier this year while spectating at the King of the Hammers event.

BFG Team Rennsport is supported by the top brands in the off-road industry, a list that includes BFGoodrich Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fox Racing Shox, Weddle Industries, Brown & Miller Racing (plumbing and wiring), Eibach Springs, AEM Electronics, Maglock, KC Hilites and Caltime Metals. A significant contribution also comes from Coats (Brian Coats Motorsports), the Rennsport Group and B3Kreativ.

BFGoodrich Team Rennsport will be providing updates throughout the year as it prepares for a return to Baja in October for the newly renewed NORRA Mexican 500.  For more information visit

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