2006 Chevy Silverado 1500

Kevin’s goal with his 2006 Chevy Silverado was to build a clean, simple, durable everyday driver that could handle well offroad without breaking the bank. By utilizing all production suspension parts from Dirt King Fabrication, the owner was able to keep the build time and costs down without sacrificing on performance. Anyone can slap some parts together and hope it works out, but the key to a vehicle performing as well as it looks is pairing the right components together for a complete cohesive package.

For the front suspension Kevin went with the Dirt King Fabrication long travel race kit. This is a production suspension system that is capable of 18” of travel with modifications to the core support. This particular setup is currently limited to 17” to avoid contact with the unmodified core support. Fox 2.5″ x 10″ coilovers and 3.0″ x 10″ bypass shocks are being used to dampen the suspension.

The rear suspension was set up with the intention of upgrading to the Dirt King Ultra 4-Link system in the near future; so Kevin is running 14” Fox 3.0 bypasses with 2” extended rod ends. Currently the truck has the Dirt King prefab bedcage, shackles, hangers, and Deaver U182 leaf springs providing 16” of travel. The setup is capable of 18” of travel when paired with 16” stroke shocks.

The front bumper is an eye catching one-off piece built by Dirt King Fabrication. It includes an ABS valance that allows for an improved approach angle by lowering the placement of the top tube.

Working closely with Fiberwerx the truck received redesigned 6” wide fenders and bedsides specifically built around the suspension system. Line-X San Diego sprayed the interior of the fiberglass fenders to increase rigidity and durability.

Dirt King developed an all-new 99-06 rear plate bumper for this truck that is now in production. It has a sleek low profile design for increased ground clearance and includes integrated license plate lights.


Front Suspension
– Dirt King Long Travel Race Kit
– 2.5″ x 10″ Fox Coilovers
– 3.0″ x 10″ Fox Bypass Shocks

Rear Suspension
– Dirt King Prefab Bed Cage
– Dirt King Shackle & Hanger Kit
– Deaver U182 Leaf Pack
– Dirt King Rear Wheel Wells
– 3.0″ x 14″ Fox Bypass Shocks

– Dirt King Plate Rear Bumper
– Dirt King Custom Front Bumper w/valance
– Fiberwerx 6” Front Fenders
– Fiberwerx 6” Rear Bedsides
– Line-X Bed & Inner Fenders

– Motor & Transmission LS Tuned by San Diego Superchargers
– 4.88 Gears with upgraded LSD
– Magnaflow Performance Exhaust

Wheels & Tires
– Wheels: Method 101 True Beadlocks
– Tires: 37″ x 12.5″ Toyo M/T

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